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Animals in the Library Policy of Owls Head Village Library

We all love dogs and we would love for you to stop by the library while you are out for a walk with your dog.  However, we ask you to leave your dog (unless a trained service dog) outside while you go into the library.  Perhaps, a friend can stay outside with your dog or you can leash them outside by our Adirondack chairs.

Trained service animals accompanying a person with a disability are allowed and welcome in the library.  Emotionally Support animals will need to wait outside.

While on library’s property a service animal shall be under the control of its handler.  Usually this means the service animal must have a harness, leash, or other tether.  Anytime a service dog is behaving in a manner incompatible with the essential purposes of the library, the library will immediately require that the service dog be brought into conformity or leave the library.

Incompatible behaviors include:


              Urninating/pooping on the floor

              Running away or otherwise leaving the side of the owner

              Biting or other threatening actions such as growling, teeth bared, lunging on others besides the    

              Animal owner.

Anyone bringing a service dog into a library may be asked the following questions:

  1.  Is this animal required because of a disability?
  2. What work or task is this animal trained to perform?

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Donation Policy

Any funds given to the library will be spent in a time frame that works best for the library unless a date for spending the funds is stipulated at the time of donation.

Recognition of Gifts

For memorial books to the library, the library may place within the book the name of the donor, if desired.  Any funds givento the library for memorial books will be spent in accordance with the library’s materials selection guidelines as outlined.  Donors may help set parameters such as genres, age of target audience, and type of material.  However, the library will have final say on actual items purchased.  We will work with the donor to aim our selections at books the donor would like.

Use of Gifts

All gifts are accepted with the understanding that it may someday be necessary that they be sold or disposed of in the best interest of the library.  The library cannot commit itself to perpetually housing a donation.

Income Tax Statements

The library cannot appraise the value of a donation of materials or art.  It will, however, issue the donor a letter acknowledging the donation.  It is the donor’s decision whether he or she will determine the value of the donation or utilize an independent appraiser.  While the gifts to the  library as a governmental unit qualify as tax deductible, the donor will have to consider the particular circumstances of his or her situation for the specific effect.


All donations are accepted only if, in the opinion of the Board of Directors, they are in the best interests of the library. 
documents are considered a part of the policy.  All individuals have the right to choose which library materials they will use.  However, no one has the right to restrict the freedom of others to read whatever they wish.  No book or other material in question is automatically removed from the collection because of an objection to it.


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