Annual meeting scheduled for June 1, 1PM TO 5:30PM. lOCATION TBA

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors  of the Owls Head Village Library Association, the Nominating Committee would like to hear from you. We are seeking Board members willing to devote their time and talent to the continuing progress of our library, developing it as a community resource for all. Board members are all volunteers, and take active roles in working on behalf of the library; overseeing its operation, building maintenance and improvements, offering library services and planning its programs. Particularly needed are those to support us in marketing, event planning (including children’s programs), technology, fundraising and facility maintenance.  Volunteers in those areas are also needed, as well as library assistants.  

Please reach out to us by sending us an email at, or leave a message with the librarian, including your name, email and phone. Please let us know how best to reach you, and if you are interested in becoming a Board member, or volunteer.   

The Annual meeting of the Owls Head Village Library Association will take place Thursday, June 1 at 5:30 p.m. The agenda will include the Annual Report of the president, Diane Nelson and announcement of summer programs.  All interested are welcomed to attend. 

Library General Fund.

Support the OHVL by donating to the general fund. The library needs private donations to pursue its many goals. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Our board of directors and staff are all dedicated volunteers. We welcome assistance in the library or helping with specific projects.

Some opportunities to volunteer:
  • Community paint days ( we plan to paint exterior trim and clean/bleach shingles)
  • land/tree/shrub maintenance
  • carpentry
  • library help including circulation: book processing, book sale, publicity, promotion, special events, computer and technology.
  • Host a program or book club

Thank You !


“We did it”! We finished up our $2,000 Challenge Grant in early January with donations of $2,045 dollars. Thanks to everyone who donated, you made a difference. Our anonymous Owls Head donor is matching your funds with another $2,000. We have added wifi and will be making other technical upgrades with a portion of these funds.

Thank you to all!!!

Diane and Don Schmidt in memory of Elspeth Woodward

Agnes McGrail

Ken Wexler

Linda, John Green

Kirsten Choate

William Garver

Marti and Billy Rosenberg

Paul and Catherinne Callahan

Donna Molo

Richard Lombardi

Lydia S. Kaeyer

Vincent Bertrand

Charles Brown

Rhonda, Tom Gioia

Thao Matlock

Paul Murray

Jill, Dan Miller


All who contributed to the “Glass Jar” Fund and participated in Book Sales!

How can WE help you

We need your feedback! What types of books and entertainment do you value? What do you see the role of your library being? Please pick up a copy of our survey from the Town Office, or Library, and return it to our dropbox at the library, or mail to: P.O. Box 98, Owls Head, Maine 04854





31 South Shore Drive

Owls Head, Maine 04854